Decarabia the Marquis of Hell

Decarabia  - the Creator of  Abracadabra. 

Decarabia is The Great Marquis of Hell in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon. He rules 30 legions of spirits. 

Decarabia the Marquis of Hell in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon
Artwork by Coffeatus

He appears as the star in a Pentacle in the human shape.  He has got  messy short hair and light skin. This Prince of Hell has got the blue aura. His duty  is  to share  knowledges about the birds of all the types.  Also his magical talent  is to make the magical birds from the objects with similar size  and to make those birds fly near the conjurer . These birds even drink water, like real ones.  There is a theory that Abraxas  was adapted  in to the Ars Goetia as Decarabia. But i do not see much in common .  Ars Goetia tells that  Decarabia's main tasks are birds and precious stones.  Yes, he is able also to find any precious stones , he knows all the virtues of them and shares this knowledges with you.  But some other resources tell that  Decarabia is multitalented demon.  «Luciferian Goetia» by Michael Ford tells that  This Marquis of Hell is the talented Detector of Lies and also he is great assistant to hide lies.  Ford tells , that good idea  to summon this demon if you want to break the Obstacles and  ruin the situations , that stop you.  Connolly tells that Decarabia has got the talent of  the «dream-catcher» . He can make you understand while sleeping how to change your astral shape and projection and how to turn into the bat or a bird, how to fly to the forbidden places . 

This is the sigil of the demon Decarabia . The direct instructions of how  to call for him were written in the Lesser Key of Solomon / Goetia.
Decarabia sigil

BEST time to call for : 9 - 18 February, 1 - 5 March,  night time
TITLE:             the Marquis 
DIRECTION:   east 
ELEMENT:      air
PLANET:         Moon 
METAL:           silver 
PLANT:            Lunaria 
COLOR:          violet
AROMA:         jasmin
ZODIAC:         Aquarius 
TO SUMMON:  Hoesta noc ra Decarabia secore. 

Decarabia the Marquis of Hell in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon