Origin Story

I think you wonder about the Origin story of the 72 demons in the Ars Goetia?

Here I want to tell you mine interesting version of their appearance. 

Bael , Buer ,  Marax and Orobas demons in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon
About  950 years   BC…   Solomon, The Great Wise King , had put 72 demons into the Brass
 Vessel , sealed them and threw  away into the sea….  Thats what Wikipedia tells us.  Also we used to think about all of them that they are evil existences or energetic objects, which witches and  occultists used in their work.  
But are they really evil? and what exactly the word EVIL means?  All these demons are just representing all the wishes  and activity of humanity.  Means they are definitely  not more evil than all the humans are.  They are just like concentrated «perfume» of   what every of Human wants to use in every day life.  
And second thing-   Vessel could not be made of Brass in the Solomons times… I am sure it was made of  Bronze or Copper, but most likely pure Copper .  Brass contains Copper and  Zinc. And  the ingredient of this alloy  Zinc  was discovered only in 18th-19th century A.D. So I found mistake in Wikipedia. Possibly its mistake of the translation from the original manuscripts.  The confirmation of this idea is that Most part of Demons like Copper - its their Metal. 
I think you wonder why I touched the topic of Brass and Copper?  
Because magical properties of Copper are ability to convert Unconscious matters to the Conscious ones.  Which means to make things more REAL.  In our Case Demons were getting more concentrated in their power inside that Vessel.   But from the other hand- Copper was keeping that Concentrated power Inside Vessel, so demons were not able to get free by themselves. Science tells that people who take Copper with them to the places where they can meet Venomous Snakes - Copper will Pause or even stop the deep penetration of the poison inside the  body.  So same thing acted on these demons to keep them inside the Vessel. 

So lets think about all that I told you above. The most wise king ever existed  did not  made those 72 demons fully unattainable for humanity.  But Exactly the opposite!  He kept them in the Vessel, made of material that kept their power. And he threw it the sea or River ( yes I have a theory that it was not sea as Wikipedia tells, but rivers Tigris and Euphrates ).  Here  mystical thing that i found about  my theory.  In the Hebrew Bible, psalm 137 about the Babylon rivers tells  - 
« O Babylon, you will be destroyed.
    Happy is the one who pays you back
    for what you have done to us.
 Happy is the one who takes your babies
    and smashes them against the rocks!»  
This psalm was written by David the King , father of Solomon. It was written as the prophecy telling that in the future Jerusalem will be ruined and people will be in the captivity of Babyloners , which came into life after 400 years of his death.

«Babies» here meant to be the Creations, which David the king asked to smash  against the Rock. 

What if those Goetia demons were «your babies»  that were  smashed by People from Babylon who found Vessel and opened it, thinking that it was treasures inside it? Also the  other translation says «your little ones» , not «your babies».  Seems that all those 72 demons  were located originally in Babylon area,   so Solomon the king just wanted to give Babylon «their babies» back.  Babies of Babylon is the metaphor for 72 demons, which appeared from  Sumerians, who came to Babylon  a bit earlier times  than David  the king lived.  The proof of this theory is that  Astaroth was one of the first Gods of Sumerians. 

I started to think, what is Good and what is Bad? I think you noticed in your life experience , that often nice things that you were creating with love -  are turning into evil   in use for other people?  Like knife, which was made to prepare tasty dinner for you and then was used to killed someone.

So I have theory that same thing happened to Goetia Demons,  which appeared to help people to become like Gods, but they started to use it for bad things.
So what if the wise King Solomon sealed those demons and left them in the river  for people of Babylon to find them later as the  prophecy of David in Psalm 137  tells  and made in such way revenge for Babylon  or help for people of Jerusalem to get free? Looks like most powerful ancient weapon .  I think this theory is worth to think about it. 

To tell with more simple words - strange that the Wise king Solomon  had kept Demons exactly in Babylon  (not in Jerusalem) and did that in such way , that the Vessel was not so  hard to find for people.  

Then Solomon gave instructions in his Lesser Key book  how to make this demons work for Jewish people. 
Nowadays they are opened for you and I am sure you can glean some magical power from them in your biggest and every day wishes. 

So let me tell you about every of these demons and what they can help you with nowadays.  In my descriptions I will try to explain you why every of demon looks in the way he appears and also how they can help you.  Please check the LIST OF DEMONS