Gateway of consciousness

Open the Gateway of  your consciousness  with 72 demons in the Ars Goetia. 

Your consciousness and demons in the Ars goetia - how all this related? 

I will try to explain you with simple words  how  all this works.  Your consciousness  is  the Microcosm.    And the world around is Macrocosm.  They interact and cooperate with each other .  Microcosm is your internal reality. Ordinary functioning of your consciousness is far from perfect one and your task is to find and to fix the Defects in it. System of Lemegeton accents the defects of your consciousness and its working also as the textbook  for fixing them.  As you know,  all the 72 demons  are commanded by the Four Kings  - Amaymon (East), Corson ( West) , Ziminiar ( North) and Gaap (South).  Amaymon patronizes the Gates of  Mind , Corson - of Emotions,  Ziminiar -  of Implementation , Gaap -  of Passions.  These King are kind of «controllers» of the Gates of their Responsibility.  Every of these four Gateways  got two shutters - And every of the shutter from that quarter has got 9 spirits guarding it.  So there are 18 Gates in every of main quarters,  protected by the Kings.  18 x 4 = 72.   One shutter of every gate is Active or sending  (day ) , second one  - Passive , receiving  ( night ).  For example, in the element of Mind , first Triad is Bael, Agares and Vassago  ( in the Ars Goetia its numbers 1, 2 and 3) .  And the corresponding to them  Triad of perception   -  Phenex, Halphas and Malphas (numbers 37, 38 and 39). 
For discovering «the opened gates» in your Microcosm, through which you are loosing power  ( also it means that you are under control of some of these demons) - very important to  understand good ,which principle  distorts  certain demon , to tell with simple words -  «which part of your  microcosm he clings onto»  . Demon here works as the Tick , finding the weak place in you and clings to that place.  And then you will find this weak place and demon who stuck there - you will get away from his control and will live in Harmony of Consciousness.  That is why it is so important to  know the characters and the features of every demon and if you are brave enough - to face them , but not to be under their control. 

But I want to simplify all this for you even more.  You have to give away something, if you want to get things , right?  You have to add fuel to the car to make it drive. You have to pay in shop to get food. In such way Demons are working too.  They have to EAT first, before someone will summon them to make their wish come true.  So demons use energy of weak people. They fill themselves with energy  in such way.   And then they are opened to the STRONG people, who summon them and work for them. So its your choice- which person to be - the one, whom demon will use  as fuel, or the one-  to whom he will serve ? 
Please check this table and find your own Weak place . Just be honest to yourself and you will find here, which demon controls you through your weak place. .   And here you also will see results of being under control of demon and how to avoid it (confrontation).  And face your fears bravely and get out of the control of demons and use them for your  greatest plans in life. 

             DAY TIME DEMONS
Bael  Mind Desacralization Loosing  «your center»   Feeling of Saint things existance 
Agares Mind Fear to move on  Escaping from yourself  Acceptance of  inevitability of growth 
Vassago Mind Regrets of the past  Leaving your path  Self-acceptance 
Gamigin  Implementation  Messianism  support loss and self- confident loss  Self-development 
Marbas Implementation  Being Robot-like  inspiration Loss Poetic attitude to the world 
Valefor  Implementation  Greed Stealing Using your own resources 
Amon Implementation  Pacifism  Indifference, apathy  Living active life 
Barbatos Implementation  Nature overconsumption  Confrontation with nature Being on the same wavelength  with nature
Paimon  Implementation  Concentration only on External things  Blinding by the External and being under  control of it Internal activity 
Buer Implementation  Caring only about health  Not caring about mental things and your soul (spirit) Being in harmony with balanced body and soul
Gusion Implementation  Illusion of being smart  Making things  automatically without thinking Full understanding, but not just knowledges 
Sitri Implementation  Passion  Possession without Love Respecting other people 
Beleth Emotions Passion Unhealthy affection  Respecting yourself 
Leraje Emotions Fighting for «justice»  Intolerance  Tolerance 
Eligos Emotions Obedience to Idols of others  Suppression of your own thinking  Trusting your own Mind and thinking 
Zepar  Emotions Passion  Barren Relations  Cooperative creativity 
Botis Emotions Inability to make decisions  Endless doubts  Being brave to take a step forward 
Bathin Emotions Settling for limited knowledges  Inflexibility of thinking  being interested in New discoveries 
Sallos Emotions Love to the Strong ones only Dependence  Helping yourself 
Purson  Emotions Intoxication with the logics  Defiance of the real sense of things  Looking for support in your spirit 
Marax Emotions Lack of Criticism  in your perception  Blind trust to the sources  Being able to  think and analyze 
Ipos Desires  Desire to look brave  Being a bully  Ability to admit defeats 
Aim Desires  Wish to look smart  Humiliating dissenters  Ability to accept being wrong
Naberius Desires  Desire to look convincing  Suppression of weak people Ability to Hear and listen
Glasya-Labolas Desires  Wish to be independent  Desire to hurt someone  Respecting the others people personal space
Bune Desires  Loyalty to  Past  the Ossification of mind and soul  Ability to let the things Go, to move on
Ronove Desires  Desire to be Important  Dependence on the way you look Being able to stay funny and ridiculous 
Berith Desires  Respecting only the Idols  Loosing own opinion  Having healthy criticism 
Astaroth Desires  Excessive wish to explore Changing feelings for ideas  Devirtualization of Conscience 
Forneus Desires  Desire to be loved and liked by everyone Prostitution of your spirit  Searching for yourself 
Foras Mind Infatuation with the logics  Real sense Loss Balance of Rational and irrational 
Asmoday Mind Change Feelings for ideas  Loosing ability to love  Ability to dedicate and to sacrifice 
Gaap Mind Desire to be main person  Despotism  Respecting other people 
FurFur Mind Mercantile  Marriage of convenience  Respecting other people feelings 
Marchosias Mind Desire to be part of «team work» Inability to make decisions  Ability to accept own mistakes 
Stolas Mind Collecting all information around Lack of generalizations   Getting necessary  information, according to your plans 
Phenex Mind Obsession with opinion of another people Imitation of others and thinking like others  do Working on self-identity 
Halphas Mind Using and depending on others people resources  Adapting to everyone and being like Chameleon  Being able to stay hungry in all senses of it
Malphas Mind Durability of others people opinion   Fear of the innovations  Being able to move on and do things never done before
Raum Implementation  Using other peoples resources  Deprivations  Being generous 
Focalor Implementation  Asserting  yourself on someones else’s expense  Loneliness  Loyalty 
Vepar  Implementation  Lying to stay self confident  Conscience confusion  Self-restraint 
Sabnock Implementation  Too much of Logics Thinking based on stereotypes  Working on Fluidity of Conscience 
Shax Implementation  Broken promises  Devaluation of the words  Being true to yourself 
Vine Implementation  Protecting from unknown and new Narrow-mindedness Taking a step into unknown 
Bifrons Implementation  Coming back to the thing of Past and living there  Stagnation  Letting go the Obsoleted thngs
Vual Implementation  Fake unity of everything Disharmonious unions and relations  Working on complementarity of any kind of relations 
Haagenti Implementation  External gloss and shine Seeing only external primitive things  «Looking under the book cover» 
Crocell Emotions  Fear of the unknown future Shyness  Being able to face your fears 
Furcas  Emotions Admiring the wise people Suppressing the individuality  «Murdering the Buddha» 
Balam Emotions Deviousness «Internal Axis» Loss Ability to see the  internal discrepancies 
Alloces Emotions Worshiping the  Authorities  Self-humiliation  Respecting without being blind
Camio Emotions Admiring your own wisedom Dependence on your fans and admirers  stop being the «Peacock alike» 
MurMur Emotions Wishing to be famous and glorified  Dependence on Compliments and Praises  Honesty
Orobas Emotions  Pleasure from the «enlightenment" Stop Self-developing and growth  Ability to be and realize your own limits 
Gremory Emotions Being philanderer  Emotional emptiness Searching for «yours» person
Ose Emotions Wishing to be too independent  No internal integrity  Stop rejecting all the relations 
Amy Desires  Obsession with Learning and Knowing Being Bluestocking Being able to  face the real world 
Orias Desires  Posturing «Empty» gloss Accentuating the sense of things, but not the look 
Vapula Desires  Desire to be greatest professional of handcraft Obsession with your hand working Being able to take a pause 
Zagan Desires  Desire to look smarter,  than you are  Talking and thinking too complicated  Realizing Real current level of your personality 
Valac Desires  False Purity Fear to «Get dirty» Realizing the Complexity of the World around
Andras  Desires  «Divide and rule» your credo  Loosing your own integrity Ability to see the unity in the multiplicity 
Haures Desires  Impertinence of anger Irritability Ability to control yourself 
Andrealphus Desires  Being proud with your high title Humiliation of the weak ones Understanding of harmony of any type of people existing 
Kimaris Desires  «Being cool and fancy»  Lack of visions  Ability to forgive yourself 
Amdusias Mind Enjoying your smartness gloss Fear to loose the Coherence of systems of Mind Ability  to see the contradictions 
Belial Mind Corporative union thinking Loosing the value of the individual  Accentuating the Individuality 
Decarabia Mind Forever Flights of the Ideas  being « Projector Alike» person , Loosing The tactical thinking Being more pragmatic 
Seere Mind Desire to get Wealthy life  Neglecting the Conscience growth  Being able to combine the material and  spiritual  things 
Dantalion Mind The trap of enlightenment Arrogance Ability to see Power in everything around
Andromalius Mind Insight Being sure in your own  infallibility Being able to Draw lessons from your mistakes