8-15 September




MOST ACTIVE DEMONS  THESE DAYS are  -  Botis  8-11 September daytime, Bathin 13-15 September daytime,   FurFur 8-12 September daytime,  Camio 8-13 September at night,   MurMur 13-15 September at night. 

*Please read the article GATEWAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS  for full understanding the principle of this calendar. 

Influence of  Botis
People who are under the risk these days  - Those,  who always worry and doubt if they act right or no... Who are not self confident, who stay on one place. Such people will become "fuel" for the demon Botis these days, because now he looks up for food to become stronger for the ones, who will summon him.  To avoid meeting with the demon Botis- you should become more brave and work on ability to make decisions and to take the steps in Future.  And while you fight with your worries and fears, please do NOT wear white and orange color clothing, do not use storax aroma and stay far from the Lilies flowers. Virgos must be really careful now.

Influence of  Bathin
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who use limited knowledges in their life. Who are not flexible in thinking. Such people will get hard life lesson from the demon Bathin now.  He will show you why you live in the bad style and how it can end.  If you wish to fix it and to avoid punishing by this demon - just  start to work on yourself. Be interested in new life discoveries, open your eyes and heart and develop yourself. And meanwhile please do NOT  wear these days green and purple color clothing, do not use sandal aroma, stay far from the places where mistletoe grows - all this can attract Bathin to you and you can become "food" for him now. Virgos must be really careful.

Influence of  FurFur
People who are under the risk these days  - Those,  who are too materialistic. Who think only about what benefit they can get from people, even in marriage. Such people will use their husband or wife to get rich. And now FurFur demon will hunt for them and show why it is wrong and not nice. FurFur needs to become strong now for powerful people, who do NOT have this kind of weakness,  and if you suffer from it- you will become this fuel. How to fix it ? Just respect other people and all will be fine. And meanwhile please do NOT wear red color clothing, do not use the things, made of copper and silver.  Stay far from the places where cypress grows. Pisces are under the biggest risk now.

Influence of  Camio
People who are under the risk these days  - Those,  who admire too much their own wisdom . Who think that they are much smarter than others are. Who are not able to be flexible for other people. These days Camio will hunt for them and show them that they are wrong in their life attitude. It will be really hard life lesson and Camio will use such people as "fuel" for himself to get stronger. How to avoid  such painful life lesson from Camio? Just stop being and acting like Peacock. Stop being proud of yourself. Such people are dependent on their fans and admirers.  And such life is not perfect.  And While you work  to fix that, please do NOT wear these days orange color clothing, do not use lavender and storax aroma. And stay far from the places where Wintergreen grows.  Virgos must be really careful now.

Influence of  MurMur
People who are under the risk these days  - Those,  who wish too much to be famous and glorified, even if they do not deserve it much.  Such people are depended on compliments and praises. These days MurMur demon will come for them and use their weakness as fuel for himself to get stronger for powerful people who summon him now. How to fix that? You just have to work on your honesty. You must stop   seeing  world through these fake glasses.  It ruins you. And Meanwhile please do NOT wear green color clothing  these days.  Also stay far from sandal, myrrh, aloe and putty  aromas. Just do not use them - this can attract  MurMur demon to you.  Virgos must be really careful now.

If you feel that you are really strong and you do NOT have any kind of weaknesses, told above- please try your luck and  summon Botis, Bathin, Furfur,  Camio or MurMur and they can help you to  make your dreams come true. Good luck!