8-15 August




MOST ACTIVE DEMONS  THESE DAYS are  -  Eligos 13-15 August daytime,  Berith 8-12 August daytime,  Stolas 13-15 August daytime,   Furcas 8-12 August at night,  Balam 12-15 August at night.

*Please read the article GATEWAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS  for full understanding the principle of this calendar. 

Influence of  Eligos
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who have got Idols.  Who suppress  their own thinking.  These days the demon Eligos will come for you to use you as fuel for himself to become stronger for the ones, who will summon him and who do not have your weaknesses.  If you wanna be the one who can summon Eligos, but  not the one, whom will use Eligos - just learn yourself to trust your own mind and thinking. Also please do NOT wear now yellow color clothing, do not smell sandal aroma and do not use things made of copper.  Do not use Thyme while cooking. Leos must be very careful now. 

Influence of  Berith
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who respect only the Idols they have created.  The ones, who have no own opinion. Such people will become the victims for the demon  Berith now. Their weakness is the source of power for  this demon. If you do not wish to become food for him- just learn to have the healthy criticism.  And never create Idols. Also please do not  wear these days green color clothing and do not smell sandal aroma. Do not use things, made of copper.  Capricorns are under the biggest risk now. 

Influence of  Stolas
People who are under the risk these days  - Those,  who collect too much information around them. Who are not able to generalize information. Such people have got huge problems with logics and Stolas demon will make them suffer  now because of this  stupidity of them. How to fix it? Just learn to get Necessary information for your needs. Learn how to be able to filter things that you need and which you do not need. Also please do not wear these days blue, brown and crimson color clothing,  also please do not smell cedar, sandal and ambergris aromas. Pisces are under the risk now most of all. 

Influence of  Furcas
People who are under the risk these days  - Those,  who respect only the wise people, who do not have their own opinion, and who suppress  their own mind and who are not brave enough  to trust themselves. Such people will get hunted by the knight Furcas now.  He will use them as fuel to get stronger. Weak people are always used by strong ones. So work to make yourself better and more perfect. And  you will be able to summon Furcas. And till  then, if you are still too weak - please do NOT wear blue color clothing, do not smell Myrrh aroma and do not use the things made of Lead. Leos must be especially careful these days. 

Influence of  Balam
People who are under the risk these days  - Those,  who are flexible in the bad sense of this word. Who do not have their own "internal X". Who are like a leaf from the tree on the wind. Balam demon will rule you this days as he wants and you will be the toy for him, if you will not remove this one your weakness. Just trust yourself, become more brave and you will feel the power inside you. And while you are still weak-  please do NOT wear yellow color clothing, do not smell Frankincense aroma , do not walk in the forests, when the oak trees grow and do not wear Jewelry made of Gold.  Leos must be very careful now.

If you feel, that you are strong enough and you do not  have any type of weaknesses or disorders , which we talked about today - please summon Eligos , Berith, Stolas, Furcas  or Balam and they will make your deepest wishes come truth. Act respectfully and you will have luck.