24-31 August



24-31 AUGUST

MOST ACTIVE DEMONS  THESE DAYS are  - Zepar 24-31  August daytime, Foras  24-27  August daytime,  Asmoday 28-31 August daytime,  Alloces 24-31 August at night.

*Please read the article GATEWAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS  for full understanding the principle of this calendar. 

Influence of  Zepar
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who  Are too passionate, who live their lives just to please themselves.  Relations of such people are barren and empty.  These days such people will "be eaten" by the demon Zepar.  Your spirit will get "swallowed" by him , he needs it to become very powerful . If you do not want to become victim of Zepar - just learn how to create normal relations,  full of cooperative creativity.  And meanwhile please try to make Zepar to stay far from you - do NOT wear now black color clothing, do not use sandal aromas.  Stay far from the places, where Mandragora grows.  And do not use things made of copper.  Virgos must be really careful now. 

Influence of Foras
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who are loosing the real sense of things around them. Who are infatuated with logics . Such people must keep balance between rational and irrational things, if they do not want to get attacked by the demon Foras.  And meanwhile, if you feel that you are not strong enough- just do NOT wear  orange color clothing, do not use storax aroma and stay far from Agave plants. Aquariuses must be really careful these days.

Influence of Asmoday
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who are  giving all of themselves for their Ideas, but have no feelings. Such people are cruel. They are loosing ability to love.  And if you will not fight with this weakness - these days Asmoday will come for you and you will get in trouble. Please teach yourself to sacrifice, to dedicate and to love. And meanwhile please do NOT wear these days yellow color clothing and do not use Frankincense aroma.  Stay far from direct sun rays. Also do not wear Golden  Jewelry and do not use Mint now. Aquariuses must be especially attentive.

Influence of Alloces
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who worship  the Authorities. Who are blind and humiliate themselves, because they have no personal thinking and this is very sad.  They should  be able to respect people without being blind and to use own head for thinking. Otherwise Alloces demon will come for them and use. Please, if you think that you are weak now - do NOT wear green color clothing, do not use sandal aroma. Stay far from Salvia  plant.  Virgos must be more than careful.

If you feel  that you are really strong person, and you have no weaknesses and defects told above - you can be brave to summon Zepar, Foras, Asmoday or Alloces now and they will help you to reach your dreams. Good luck!