16-23 August



16-23 AUGUST

MOST ACTIVE DEMONS  THESE DAYS are  -  Eligos 16-22 August daytime,  Zepar 23 August daytime,  Forneus 18-22 August daytime,  Foras 23 August daytime,  Stolas 16-17 August daytime,  Balam 16-22 August at night.

*Please read the article GATEWAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS  for full understanding the principle of this calendar. 

Influence of  Eligos
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who depend on Idols they created. Who suppress own thinking and do not trust themselves.  Such people give their lives to be ruled by Idols they had chosen and these days Eligos will punish them for that, and they will feel and understand, how bad not to use own mind. You should work on trusting own mind and thinking and you will not become "food" for Eligos. Also please do NOT wear these days yellow color clothing and do not smell sandal aroma. Do not use Thyme while cooking also. Leos- please be especially careful now.

Influence of  Zepar
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who live too much in passion. Who places Passion above all. Relations of such people are barren. If you will not start to learn yourself to have normal relations, Zepar these days will give you very hard lesson. So better do it by yourself - realize please , that normal relations are cooperative and creative. Once you will do this- life will get bright and  full of harmony for you.  If you feel that you still have that weakness and you can not control this weakness for now - please do NOT wear black color clothing now and do not use sandal aroma, it can attract Zepar demon to you.  Also please stay away from Mandragora  - Zepar adores this plant.  Virgos- take care. 

Influence of  Forneus
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who wish to be loved and liked by everyone around. Who can not live without all  people admiring you.  It calls "prostitution of your soul and spirit". These days Forneus will come for you and teach you life.  Please,  start to search for yourself and understand that you are not a Dollar to be liked by everyone.  Enjoy yourself no matter of peoples attitude to you.  And while you try to  remove that weakness - please  do NOT  wear violet and orange colors clothing, do not use jasmine aroma, stay far from sunflowers (it attracts Forneus), do not stare into  Moon, and do not wear Jewelry made of Silver.  Capricorns must be very careful now. 

Influence of Foras
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who are loosing the real sense of things. Who are in the infatuation with the logics. Such people will get in the arms of Foras demons now.  Such people do not feel difference between rational and irrational.   They often feel like drunk and make wrong steps in life.  How to fight this one weakness? Just learn to have the balance in life - please understand that not all the things are understandable by logics.  And while you fight - please do NOT wear orange color clothing these days and do not use Storax aroma.  Stay far from agave plant. Aquariuses are under the biggest risk now. Take care!

Influence of Stolas
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who pick up too much information around them. They have lack of logics.  They can not generate things.  Now Stolas demon will teach you real life and you will get punished for your stupidity.   If you do not want this to happen - just teach yourself to get only necessary information according to your plans in life. And meanwhile please do NOT wear  blue, brown and crimson color clothing and do not use cedar, ambergris and sandal aromas.  Also stay far from the things, made of Tin. Pisces are under big risk now. 

Influence of Balam
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who are too "devious". Who lost their internal "Axis". Who have no stability in thinking and in their acts. Such people will pay for this weakness now, because the demon Balam needs "fuel" to become stronger for the powerful people, who will summon them.  How to fix that? Just learn to see your internal Discrepancies.   It will help you to find that "internal Axis".  And meanwhile please do NOT wear yellow color clothing and do not use Frankincense aroma. Also please do not wear Jewelry made of Gold. Leos - take care. 

If you are very sure, that you do not have any type of weaknesses told above - try your luck and summon Eligos, Zepar, Forneus, Foras, Stolas or Balam. They will help you to reach your goals in life.