1-7 June



1-7 JUNE

MOST ACTIVE DEMONS  THESE DAYS are  Barbatos  1 - 7 June daytime, Eligos start of June daytime,  Zepar 6 - 7 June,  Marax start of June daytime, Shax 1-7 June at night. 

*Please read the article GATEWAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS  for full understanding the principle of this calendar. 

Influence of Barbatos 
People who are under the risk these days - Those,  who use resources of nature too much, who do not respect nature and who live their lives with care only about themselves. These days such people will get hunted by Barbatos  and they will get in confrontation with nature. Anything can  happen with such people now - nature will make revenge - they can suffer in storm while they will be not at home or they can even die in some not lucky accident, made by nature.  How to fix it? Please, just respect nature, care about it and you will be safe. Also do NOT wear green color clothing now, do not smell sandal aroma and do not stay in forests where ivy grows. Gemini should be especially careful now.

Influence of Eligos
People who are under the risk these days - Those, who got Idols and who live  their life depending  on those Idols. Such people have very blurry own personality. In such days they can get in trouble because of influence of Eligos. He will eat you to get powerful  for other people, stronger than you. How to fix that in order to stay safe ? Just work  to become independent in your mind, TRUST your own mind and thinking, it is very important. Also please do NOT forget NOT to wear these days yellow color clothing and do not smell sandal aroma.  Do not use Thyme while cooking, it attract Eligos to you.  Leo are under the biggest risk from Eligos these days. 

Influence of Zepar
People who are under the risk these days - Those,  who live too much in passion and possessiveness. Relations of such people will get barren these days because of Influence of Zepar.  How to fix that and not to become food for Zepar? Just become more creative and do something creative with your partner. Also please do NOT wear these days black color clothing, do not smell sandal aroma and stay away from Mandragora.  Virgos are under the risk these days. 

Influence of Marax
People who are under the risk these days - Those,   who have NO critical thinking , who are blind and trust idols and opinion of crowd. Such people these days can get big problems because of that , it will attract Marax demon to you. How to fix that?  Just learn yourself to be able to THINK, to analyze . Also do NOT wear these days red color clothing, Libras are under the huge risk now. 

Influence of Shax
People who are under the risk these days - Such, who Broke their promises, who are not responsible  and value of words of such people is Zero. They will be punished by Shax demon these days.  They will pay to everyone, whom they tricked. How to fix that? Just learn being true to yourself, start from stop to lie to yourself and be honest.  And also do NOT wear now violet color clothing, so not smell jasmine and no silver Jewelry these days for you. Gemini are under the  risk of attack.

If you honestly think, that you have no weaknesses, described above - you are welcome to summon Barbatos , Eligos, Zepar, Marax or Shax . They will make your wishes come true. Act respectfully to them .