Phenex the Marquis of Hell

Phenex  - the one, who is inspiring  the Poets. 

Phenex is the Great Marquis of Hell in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon. He rules 20 legions of spirits. 

Phenex the Marquis of Hell in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon
Artwork by Coffeatus

He appears as the Phoenix bird and he got the voice of a kid. His feathers are very long and bright . They are falling down when Phenex flies . This demon also has the henchman - Eagle.  Phenex  will sing  for you  the most beautiful songs, but you should not put attention on it, and order Phenex  to take  the human look.  His songs are the way for Phenex to catch your attention and to devour  you,  if you will get hypnotized by it.  He is like Siren -mermaid  in the  Greek mythology.  You should be be very careful while making deal with this demon.  This Marquis of hell is skilled and perfect Poet. He will tell you the most wonderful things  from all the  sciences.  Please,  pay attention that you should summon this demon in the night time only.  Phoenex is also the alchemist , healer , mechanic, merchant, war scientist, navigator and troubadour .  He has got a lot of talents . He will make you eloquent and witty . But the main speciality of This Marquis is of course poetry and letters writing.  He is able to teach you all the natural and liberal  sciences and answer any question  about the world creation.  There is a theory , that Phenex is the descendant of the ancient Egyptian bird Bennu , which is linked with Sun, rebirth and creation.  The best place to summon him - is the forest full of juniper at night , when the moon is bright. 

This is the sigil of the demon Phenex . The direct instructions of how  to call for him were written in the Lesser Key of Solomon / Goetia.

Phenex sigil

BEST time to call for : 21 - 29 March, night time 
TITLE:              the Marquis 
ELEMENT:       air
PLANET:         Moon
METAL:           Silver  
PLANT:           Juniper 
COLOR:          violet, red, orange  
AROMA:         jasmine 
ZODIAC:         Pisces    
TO SUMMON: Ef enay Phenex ayer. 

Phenex the Marquis of Hell in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon