Belial the King of Hell

Belial - the one who gives the Power.

Belial is the most Mighty and powerful King of Hell in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon. He rules 50 legions of spirits. 

Belial the King of Hell in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon
Artwork by Coffeatus

He appears as two angels, riding the golden chariot with the magical powerful  horses.  He speaks with the very pleasant voice  and  tells that he is very first fallen angel and most famous one.  Sometimes Belial appears as a big tall  man with silver hair. He wears expensive clothings.  His duty is to share the High Titles and Senatorial privileges, he will gift you Nice Familiars and favors from everyone.  Belial likes to get gifts and sacrifices from the conjurer , otherwise he will tell you only lies. Belial is the master of Hypnosis and High Kabbalah . He patronizes everything, related with Power and Titles in life.  Belial is supposed to be the spirit of Discoveries, because he likes to research and to make experiments.  There is a theory that Belial often comes into the physical world, because he likes to get experience in such way too.  His knowledges are very wide, but he does not like to share much with it. He patronizes magicians and astrologers, politicians, priests, Cardinals, oligarchs, magnates, senators and presidents.  The top of any organization, the top power titles and huge money - it is his area.  Belial is able to drown any politician or oligarch, same as to give him everything. He talks not much, listens a lot, and can even not appear when you ask for it , because he understood already what you want from him . It is pointless to summon this King of Hell, if you have nothing to give in return. You should be very talented  or you must have extremely  interesting offer for him. If you have the bright and interesting idea, which can bring you huge money- you can summon him.  Belial can ask you for  the sacrifice of the  sexual type.  So while summoning  do not forget  to invite your sexual partner.  Belial is the representative of the demonic power of Earth. Also he is demon of fortunetelling but he will tell you the truth only if you have enough power to protect yourself from him.  Belial in Hebrew means « without dignity» . John Milton in his «Paradise lost»  gave to Belial most important role. 

This is the sigil of the demon Belial. The direct instructions of how  to call for him were written in the Lesser Key of Solomon / Goetia.
Belial sigil

BEST time to call for : 30 January  - 8 February,  
                                    24 - 28 (29) February  night time
TITLE:             the King 
DIRECTION:   south 
ELEMENT:      fire
PLANET:         Sun 
METAL:           gold
PLANT:           mullein 
COLOR:          yellow
AROMA:          frankincense
ZODIAC:         Aquarius 
TO SUMMON:  Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial. 

Belial the King of Hell in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon


  1. I see a connection between him and the famous sun gods around the world (mitra-surya-shamash-ra-belenus) given their titles as sun gods and the flying chariot of fire they might be the same entity worshipped by different names in different cultures.


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