8-15 May



8 - 15 MAY

MOST ACTIVE DEMONS  THESE DAYS are Valefor 8 - 15 May daytime,  Gusion - middle of May daytime, Sitri - middle of May daytime,  Focalor 8 - 15 May (fav hours 22:00 - 2:00), Vepar 8 - 15 May at night. 

*Please read the article GATEWAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS  for full understanding the principle of this calendar. 

Influence of Valefor
People who are under the risk these days - Those,  who can not keep themselves from  stealing something. Such people will feel today "to do or die" because of influence of Valefor on them. Please do not provoke him. Or you will get in trouble. Also please do NOT wear these days green color clothing and do not smell sandal. Also keep away from you  things made of copper. Taurus are under the biggest risk.

Influence of Gusion
People who are under the risk these days - Those who think that they are smarter than others, but they have only knowledges without any practice.  These days because of Gusion activity you will get in trouble and your brains will trick you.  How to fix that? Just check your knowledges , think a lot and you will realize how often you are wrong.   Please do NOT wear these days yellow color and do not smell sandal aroma. Also under the big risk these days are Cancers. 

Influence of Sitri
People who are under the risk these days - Those, who  feel passion, possession, but do not feel love and respect and care for others.  These days such people will go crazy possessive and will get in trouble because of that. How to fix it? Just respect  and care about other people, love them.  Also do NOT wear these days Blue color and do not visit forests, where cedar grows. It will rise your possessiveness.  Cancers also here under the big risk.

Influence of Focalor
People who are under the risk these days - Those, who feel confident only on someone else's expenses. Who are not able to feel  valuable in just the way they are.  Such people will feel lonely these days because of high activity of Focalor.  So how to handle this? You  have to work on your loyalty in all the senses.  If you will be loyal - you will not feel that you need to prove something  to someone, you will be happy just the way you are.  Please do NOT wear these days green colors clothing and do not smell sandal. Taurus should be especially careful.

Influence of Vepar
People who are under the risk these days - Those, who like to lie to feel self confident and important.  Such people these days will feel very confused these days and their conscience will get dizzy now because of activity of Vepar. To fix it you have to use self-restraint. It will help you to realize what you do wrong and keep away from contacts and troubles. Please do NOT wear these days clothing of green color, do not use sandal aroma and stay far from the things made of copper.  Taurus must be very careful now.

If you think that you do not have any of weaknesses, described  above - you have to try to summon Valefor, Sitri, Gusion, Focalor or Vepar and they will help you. Take care!