23-30 April



23 - 30 APRIL 

MOST ACTIVE DEMONS  THESE DAYS are  Gamigin 23 - 30 April daytime, Marbas 30 April daytime, Amon 23 -24 April daytime, Barbatos  25 - 29 April daytime,  Paimon 30 April daytime,  Raum 23 - 30 April at night.

*Please read the article GATEWAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS  for full understanding the principle of this calendar. 

Influence of Gamigin
People who are under the risk these daysthe ones, who used to be only the part of community, the ones who has no personality. You have to rise self confidence , especially these days or Gamigin will come for you - he will push you to work for  the bad ideas of society.  Do NOT  wear violet colors these days and stay away from Juniper. And of course no silver Jewelry on you these days.

Influence of Marbas
People who are under the risk these days - Those , who have no inspiration in life, who acts like robots . Such people are under the risk  of Marbas attack. He needs to eat this energy to get strong for people who will summon him. To fix it - you have to grow inside you poetical attitude to life, you must feel inspired about something. Please do NOT wear these days  colors - black, golden, orange and light blue .  Taurus must be most careful now.

Influence of Amon
People who are under the risk these days  -  Those, who care too much about Peace all over the world. In such days these people are under the risk to get in depression and apathy because of Amon demon .  You have to rise your activity these days and Amon will not touch you.  Please do NOT wear violet colors these days, do not drink tea with jasmine and do not smell any jasmine aroma generally. It can attract Amon to you. Gemini are under biggest risk. 

Influence of  Barbatos
People who are under the risk these days -  People, who use too much nature resources . Those, who do not respect nature, hunters and those who think they  are above nature . Please do not forget that nature is not made for serving you. You have to be on the same wavelength with nature, but not against it.  If you will not do so - you will become food and fuel for Barbatos . It is very powerful demon, so be aware and respect nature. Please do NOT wear green clothing today and do not use sandal aroma. Gemini  are under the biggest risk.  Also keep away all copper things around you.

Influence of Paimon
People who are under the risk these days  - Those, who are too concentrated on the External things. Who like luxury life and who think that important only the way how people and things look. Paimon will reach you and you will get in trouble. You will be under the influence of external things and you will loose yourself. Please do not wear black, dark blue and yellow colors these days. Do not use frankincense aroma.

Influence of Raum
People who are under the risk these days - Those people , who use others people resources,  who does not like to GIVE , who likes only to get something. In such days Raum will hunt for you and you will become his servant and  loose yourself in honor of him. You must be generous  and give something to others, and ask nothing in return.  And Raum will stay away from you.  Do NOT wear red colors these days. Taurus should be especially careful.

If you feel that you are strong enough and you do NOT have any of weaknesses described above - you are welcome to summon Gamigin, Marbas,  Amon,  Barbatos, Paimon or Raum and they will make your wishes come true if you will act respectfully and smart.