16-23 April



16 - 23 APRIL 

MOST ACTIVE DEMONS  THESE DAYS are  - Vassago 16 - 20 April daytime  ,  Gamigin 20 - 23 April daytime,  Valefor 16 - 19 April daytime,  Amon 20 - 23 April daytime,  Malphas - 16 - 20  April at night, Raum - 21 - 23 April at night. 

*Please read the article GATEWAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS  for full understanding the principle of this calendar. 

Influence of Vassago
People who are under the risk these days - Scared people, who are afraid to be themselves, who escape from their past.  These days please be grateful for whom you are and make sure you realize that all that you ever did in Past helped you to become the person that you are NOW.  Find only the good  things in yourselves. Of course, do NOT wear blue clothing and do not face Cedar trees - in forests or on the streets. Take care of yourselves and you can be sure that  Vassago will not "eat" you. Do not use things made of Tin these days. 

Influence of Gamigin
People who are under the risk these days -   Those, who do not feel supported and self confident.  Those, who do not feel worthy as PERSON , but only feel as part of crowd.  To fix this - you must work on self confidence. Otherwise these days demon Gamigin will come for you and use you as "meatball" and you will become bullet for someones other war.  Be strong and become more brave and you can ask demons for help, but will not be "food" for them.  Do NOT wear violet color clothing now and do not use jasmine aromas, it can attract Gamigin to you.  Also remove all silver Jewelry from you for this week. Taurus must be especially careful.

Influence of Valefor

People who are under the risk these days -   The ones, who like to own things that do not belong to them, lovers to steal ideas and physical goods. These days you will feel strong  wish  to join some  robbery plan . Be very careful . How to handle this wish? Just try to put attention on your own resources, even if its hard lol.  Do not use green color anywhere today and do not stay near jasmine aroma or you will be seduced by Valefor. And remove all things made of copper from your room.

Influence of Amon

People who are under the risk these days -  Pacifists. They are under risk to get apathy these days and even depression.  Advice for you - try to live very active Life  and demon Amon will stay away from you. To avoid  this demon, do not use violet colors these days and do not smell jasmine. Under the biggest risk are Gemini. 

Influence of Malphas

People who are under the risk these days -   Those , who are scared of innovations, who depend too much on others people opinion. These days demon Malphas can use you as food to become strong for other people who summon him. Do not let yourself to become victim .  Do now things that you never done before no matter what people will think. Do not wear anything orange and do not smell lavender and storax.  

Influence of Raum

People who are under the risk these days -   the Ones, who use other people resources.  Such people   sooner or later get into deprivation.  How to fix it- just try to be generous - Give people and do not ask anything in return. It will help you and demon Raum will not seduce you to make robberies or wars which you don't need.  Do NOT wear these days red colored clothing and do not wear silver jewelry. 

If you feel that you are strong enough and you do not have weaknesses described  above - be brave to summon any of these Demons and they will serve you and make your wishes come true.